Red Path (oil on board)

Paul Powis


60(cm) x 60(cm)

Material Width(cm) Height(cm) Price(€)

About the Artist

Paul Powis

Paul Powis is an Engish artist bornĀ in 1949. HeĀ trained as an abstract painter and became interested in landscape painting when he moved to Worcestershire from London in 1988. Since then he has become an internationally recognised artist with collections in America, Japan and Europe. As well as working extensively for galleries, Paul is working increasingly in publishing, in the form of limited edition silkscreen prints, book covers, calendars, and greeting cards. His work for Volkswagen's advertising campaign has appeared all over Europe and has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Illustration in New York.
His work is predominantly about subjective colours and vibrant mark-making which are used in both an abstract and representational way. By looking at the rhythmic structures of trees and foliage within the landscape, he investigates the dynamic rhythms within nature. The paintings are finally resolved to create order and balance. Paul Powis often paints his landscapes in early morning to late afternoon capturing long s