Antoine Vollon (1833-1900) (French)

Antoine Vollon (April 23, 1833 – August 27, 1900) was a French realist artist born in Lyon. He is best known as a painter of still lifes, landscapes and figures. During his lifetime, Vollon was a successful celebrity enjoyed an excellent reputation, and was called a "painter's painter".In 2004, New York's then-PaceWildenstein gallery suggested that his "place in the history of French painting has still not been properly assessed".

Wildenstein showed more than 70 works by Vollon in Manhattan in 2004. For The New York Times, a reviewer wrote, "Vollon smacks too much of other artists to be Truly Important, but his sensuous wallows in paint are well worth wider notice".But an earlier reviewer for the same newspaper quotes a critic writing in 1883, "He is, perhaps, the greatest painter living...."

Two streets in France are named for him: Rue Antoine Vollon in Bessancourt and in Paris, whilst an intersection with a fountain in Lyon is named Place Antoine Vollon.